“The ultimate test of a moral
society is the kind of world
that it leaves to its children.”
– Dietrich Bonhoeffer

We who have been
culturally misunderstood
should work to understand
other’s cultures.
– Rabbi Judy Schindler

“Who is wise?” the Jewish
sages teach, “The one
who learns from all people.”

“Cooperation is the thorough
conviction that nobody
can get there unless
everybody gets there.”
- Virginia Burden

 Rooted in our common humanity, drawing on lessons of the past, and reaching upward through education and advocacy are at the heart of the mission of the Stan Greenspon Center.

The Stan Greenspon Center for Peace and Social Justice is Where Hope Takes Hold

History shows that courage in the face of darkness saves lives and shifts outcomes. Courage rooted in hope.

In every instance where people have had to overcome unspeakable acts of violence, discrimination, and persecution, hope has lead the way. Hope for peace, for love, and for equality.

We are the Stan Greenspon Center for Peace and Social Justice, and we exist to give voice to the voiceless, and form community partnerships to create positive change. We draw on history to guide our way as we advocate for those who need a spark of hope to lead them out of despair.

Our Branches

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Social Justice & Advocacy

Promoting advocacy to create systemic change for the greater good.

Holocaust & Human Rights Education

Looking to the past to create inclusion and acceptance for all.

Jewish Life & Multi-cultural Connections

Working together to build transformative relationships across lines of difference.

Jewish Studies

Enabling thousands of years of Jewish texts, history and wisdom to speak to us and guide us today.

Just ART

Visit our Just ART page to learn more about the artists, tour their online gallery, and be inspired by their work.

A Just ARTist is one who uses their art, their voice, and/or their personal time to make a positive difference in our community. Each month, the Greenspon Center highlights a Just ARTist and showcases their artwork.

Any purchase you make will support the Just ARTist and a portion of the proceeds will go to the Greenspon Center, advancing our mission of social justice advocacy.

Read MoreAbout the Featured Artist for November

Our New Program Guide is here . . .

And there is something for everyone!

The world has changed in the past few months, but our commitment to bringing you the most timely and engaging programs remains the same! 

As we wait to welcome everyone back to in-person events, we offer a variety of opportunities for you to learn and grow virtually. We have crafted one hour sessions, eight-part classes, professional development, community gatherings, and so much more. There is truly something for everyone, so take a look and register today.



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Peaceful Pause
Join us every Wednesday at 5pm

Balancing Critical Information with Wellness

Responding to Cyberhate in the Age of Technology

During this challenging time, balancing being informed with our emotional wellbeing is essential. We need the news but we also need time to pause. And so the Greenspon Center brings you a Peaceful Pause!

Every Wednesday from 5:00 to 5:30 pm, we offer messages of optimism and hope. Greenspon faculty will introduce you to great writings and thought leaders to help you maintain a positive outlook during these tumultuous times. Guest scholars, religious leaders and experts in meditation will share wisdom and ways to relax and refocus.


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More Upcoming Events

Please be sure and mark your calendars for these upcoming events

Wine and Wisdom Mid-Week Midrash Winter/Spring Series

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Yahad-in Unum

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An Evening with Dr. James Waller

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