“The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children.”
– Dietrich Bonhoeffer
“We who have been culturally misunderstood should work to understand other’s cultures.“
– Rabbi Judy Schindler
“Who is wise?” the Jewish sages teach, “The one who learns from all people."
“Cooperation is the thorough conviction that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there.”
- Virginia Burden

The Stan Greenspon Holocaust and Social Justice Education Center's mission is to develop informed and engaged global citizens who, grounded in their own identity, are prepared to respond to prejudice and discrimination with actions advocating human rights for all. Based at Queens University of Charlotte, our educational offerings are transformative for our community.

Rooted in hope, four branches bear the fruit of our work: Holocaust Education, Social Justice and Community Organizing, Multicultural Connections, and Jewish Studies.

We form community partnerships to create positive change and work to give a voice to the voiceless.


The Stan Greenspon Holocaust and Social Justice Education Center is where hope takes hold

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Our Events

Our Branches

Social Justice & Community Organizing

Providing education & research to advance community-based social justice and community organizing.

Holocaust Education

Delivering exemplary training, resources, and programming for Holocaust educators, students, and the community.

Multicultural Connections

Working together to build transformative relationships across lines of difference.


Enabling thousands of years of Jewish texts, history and wisdom to speak to us and guide us today.

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Upcoming Events


Pickleball for Peace

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I Danced for the Angel of Death: The Dr Edith Eva Eger Story Film Premiere at the Annual Martin and Doris Rosen Symposium at Appalachian State University

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Wine and Wisdom on Dara Horn’s People Love Dead Jews

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Coming soon! Our 2023-2024 Program Guide.


Stay tuned! We are excited about our plans in progress for the coming year.

Highlights include:

  • Fall Signature Community Class on Holocaust and Jim Crow History
  • Our Facing History Professional Development Program
  • The launch of Cohort 2 of our Certification in Holocaust Pedagogy Program
  • Our International Holocaust Remembrance Event in January
  • and much more...
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