Elections 2016 – A Vow for the Day After

In America, Diversity, News, Poetry by Judy Schindler1 Comment

Beyond the fear
beyond the demonization
beyond the elections.

E-pluribus Unum – from many, one
One nation, many opinions
One election, many voices
One day on which
the majority of votes will be cast
and all votes will be counted.

From many –
an overwhelming polarization
across political lines which paralyze
causing pain and alienation.

Not ‘we need to talk’
but we need to learn how to talk:
to listen to the anxiety
to get past the schisms.
The stakes are far too high:
education, healthcare, housing, justice, violence,
the aging and elderly, our youth, our future.

We need to engage,
to care, to create,
to dialogue, to debate,
to work, to walk,


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