Local Level Strategies and Tactics Nov 17

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The Refugee Advocacy Network’s local level advocacy group decided upon the following strategies:

  1. to create a template of the current advocacy series to disseminate to organizations interested in advocacy
  2. to focus on expanding afterschool opportunities for refugee and asylee children of all ages
  3. to strengthen educational opportunities within Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools

The following is a list of tactics brainstormed by the group:

  • Storytelling:  We are going to be working in tandem with local cinematographer Scott Gardner who is part of the team at About Face Charlotte.  About Face Charlotte is a photographic and storytelling project that connects people to people in our community, elevates compassion and empathy, and encourages ongoing acts of love and altruism.  We are going to develop a documentary and series of shorts that tells the story of a Charlotte asylee and a Charlotte refugee.  This project will be used for our website, social media, our future exhibit space at the STan Greenspon Center for Peace and Social Justice, and for a future arts showcase by and about refugees/asylees.
  • Refugee Arts Showcase:  We want to work with multiple groups to coordinate a arts/performing arts showcase about refugees.  Works included would be about refugees/asylees or by refugees/asylees.  HIAS is very interested in working with us on this project.  It was also suggested that we reach out to LACA Projects and Playing for Others.  There is a lot of excitement about making this event happen.
  • Community Dinners:  That our group participates in and promotes community dinners with refugees/asylees in order to develop trust and community.
  • Coding/Technology opportunities:  Two programs were mentioned that we should develop relationships with to expand opportunities for refugee/asylee children.  Digibridge, which offers free programming and computer grants.  This is run by David and Tory Jessup.  Also mentioned is Kramden Tech Program, which gives free laptops to children in need.  We should also develop relationships with coding schools like The Iron Yard, Tech Talent South to expand opportunities.
  • CMS Library:  we need to develop working relationship with the public library system because they have resources that could support educational access for refugee/asylee children.
  • Religious Groups:  we need to tap into the power of religious organizations already working on refugee/asylee issues.  Work in coordination.


  1. Bravo! The ideas are original and exciting and seem to me to be bound for success. Please let me know how I might be of help on any of the projects especially the community dinners, arts showcase and tapping into religious groups. As you may know, I am on the Jewish Community Refugee Inititiative Committee and can be helpful in promoting even more our cause and keeping people abreast of our projects.

    1. I’m very proud of you. I don’t think you’re crazy…. Eccentrically Adventurous? Eccentric still makes it sound crazy…. hmmm?I think Au;o&ar#8217rs playroom is more square footage than your boat.As Danielle said, you’ve earned respect!

  2. Bob,It is ininsertteg that Kent started his own post on wine on his What is Truth blog. He stopped talking to you on the 5th and started his own on the 7th. I posted over there that I was curious about 1 Timothy 3:8 which references deacons to not drink “much wine” and asked if it was telling them to drink much grape juice. It will be interesting to see his response.

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