National Level Advocacy Goals

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The national level advocacy group decided that their strategic actions would be focused on two key goals:

  1. To advocate for the National Fair Day in Courts Act – the Fair Day in Court for Kids Act advocates for the following: to protect children and other vulnerable groups in immigration proceedings by ensuring access to counsel, legal orientation programs, and case management services.  It also ensures due process for children and vulnerable individuals, and offers an alternative to ICE raids that risk sending individuals to dangerous countries where they face threats of violence, abuse, or even death.
  2. To advocate for raising the cap for refugee admissions.

This group will also have a subgroup that will focus on pressuring the local Charlotte Immigration Court for reasons akin to that described within the Fair Day in Court for Kids Act.

***  With the outcome of the 2016 election, the group is unclear of exactly how to accomplish change in these areas.  It was suggested in the last meeting (Nov. 17) that efforts may be better focused on state level and local level initiatives.



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