State Level Strategies and Tactics Nov. 17

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At the November 17 meeting it was decided that this group wants to:

  1. facilitate education about refugees with communities of people resistant to welcoming refugees
  2. conduct a listening tour to find a common vision and values concerning the welcoming of refugees
  3. organize a group who is dedicated to keeping abreast of and reading through state-level legislation concerning refugees and asylees

Some of the tactics discussed included:

  • holding community forums in partnership with neighborhood associations
    • we need to organize the session dialogue
    • rely on Reframing Refugees document for ideas
    • initial goal to meet with three neighborhood associations?
  • tapping into the power of state level religious movements already established concerning refugees – Example:  USCCB/US Conference of Catholic Bishops
  • We are bringing Senator Thom Tillis to Queens…opportunity to discuss refugee situation
  • We need to connect with HIAS, Presbyterians groups already advocating for refugees/asylees in state legislature


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