Finding Comfort in Charlotte’s Clergy Leadership

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Times have been tough. Sometimes when you stand up for others, you get knocked down yourself. Thankfully, there are an abundance of strong and compassionate Charlotte leaders with whom we all can stand.

At a MeckMin Clergy Council breakfast this morning, Imam John Ramadan opened our meeting by saying, “If what is happening now doesn’t stir your heart, then you don’t have a pulse.”

May we have a heart and together, may we model what it means to open our hearts to each other, to the stranger, to our nation and world.

May we have a soul and with our soul may we bring hope to hopelessness and true faith to the far too many people who are misusing and abusing it. With our soul may we sing a song of justice and freedom and invite all to join along.

May our pulses beat strongly so that they can move us to tear down walls of hatred and create borders between us based on love.

May we come to the table again and again and as we do, may we bring others along.

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