Certificate in Holocaust Pedagogy

Certification in Holocaust Pedagogy

The Greenspon Center’s Holocaust Pedagogy Certification Program (CHP) provides intensive training on methods and strategies for teaching about the Holocaust across subjects and grades in 6-12 settings. Through the skills of historical examination and interpretation, this program prompts participants to ask questions and think critically about why the Holocaust happened, what it means for learners today, and how we can engage others in our schools and communities to do the same. It will complement the recent mandate for Holocaust education in North Carolina by engaging educators in conversations about the new Gizella Abramson Holocaust Education Act. The program will culminate with a travel learning experience in Poland.

Become Certified in Holocaust Pedagogy

Our program is ideal for individuals with:

  • Professional credentials demonstrating experience and familiarity with teaching about the Holocaust and other genocides or atrocities
  • Motivation to deepen content knowledge and learn new ways of teaching, all with humility at the vastness of the field
  • Commitment to the field of study and availability for the duration of the program




  • In-person orientation
  • Online modules
  • Live virtual classes
  • Trip to Poland


The CHP is possible due to our generous donors, sponsors, and grants. A majority of the program costs have been covered by this funding. Educators are responsible for a $200 course participation fee and for their airfare to Poland.

Inaugural Program

The pilot program kicked off in September 2022 and included select North Carolina educators, representing different subject areas, grades, and school types.

17 educators graduated with their certification in the Spring of 2023 and will be joining the inaugural trip to Poland in the summer of 2024. 12 additional educators will graduate this spring and join the pilot cohort in Poland.

Enroll in a Future Program

To request information or to indicate interest in applying, please contact Katie Cunningham, Holocaust Curriculum and Outreach Specialist, at cunninghamk@queens.edu.

"This CHP program was outstanding! The format was professionally sound, and the content was eye-opening. Not only did I learn the history of Holocaust education but also how and why it is important today."
Melanie D., 2022-2023 graduate

What Makes CHP Different?

The CHP program was specifically developed for the Greenspon Center and is based on comprehensive research from the last 75 years of Holocaust Education in the United States. This program takes proven foundations in Holocaust history and folds in adaptive and innovative methods in an effort to be responsive to the changing landscape of teaching, especially in a post-pandemic world. As a result, these new strategies will bring about different outcomes-oriented goals when learning about the Holocaust.

The program’s foundations are Pedagogy, History, and Praxis


"The most impactful aspect of this program was gaining a much more extensive knowledge of not only the history surrounding the Holocaust, but the many aspects of the circumstances in the midst of that awful time that lent themselves to how successfully it was carried out. Because of the in-depth study this program provided, my outlook on my own Holocaust pedagogy has improved greatly, as I feel competent and confident that I will be a better Holocaust educator as a result."
Kelly Muse, 2022-2023 graduate

Why CHP at Greenspon?

This program will provide:

Mentorship and Community
We recognize that part of successful Holocaust education is building and maintaining a structured educational community that feels safe and continues to engage with one another even after the course has concluded. We are committed to developing a community of connected education professionals who are supported by mentors throughout the program and beyond.

Structured Feedback and Discussion Groups
This program is designed to be responsive to the needs of educators by providing structured time for feedback, questions, and assessment of the program as participants experience it.

Robust Educational Goals to Equip all Participants
Upon completion of the program, participants will demonstrate a firm grasp of Holocaust history, make connections between the learning dimensions of Holocaust education, and develop their own community or classroom-specific learning goals, lessons, and/or programs that will be immediately applicable to their teaching.

"I received a strong historical foundation, guidance to how to use the best pedagogical approaches to reach my students, and inspiration and support to continue the work on curating age-appropriate materials and lessons. This experience was rewarding and reassuring, and the Holocaust pedagogy certification program prepared me well to find a way to not just educate, but to move students to combat hate and to remember the lives we lost."
Kinga Z, 2022-2023 graduate

A Lasting Impact

Holocaust education is essential to American society, but it is also at a crossroads in terms of how we can ensure its continued efficacy in American schools. The CHP program will also conduct empirical research about the effectiveness of its teaching practices to contribute to the developing field of Holocaust education in real-time.

Within the program’s development, we will engage with other academics, researchers, and practitioners to help answer key questions in the field around:

  • inclusivity and relevance
  • impact to or reimagining of teaching approaches
  • evaluating the impact of Holocaust education on combatting antisemitism
Images sourced from unsplash.com by NeONBRAND and sigmund