Donna Tarney

Education Coordinator

Donna Tarney brings 14 years of teaching experience and a deep knowledge of Holocaust studies with her as she joins the Stan Greenspon Center team. During her time at Charlotte Catholic High School, she taught World History, Holocaust Studies, World Religions, and Social Justice courses. Donna is a graduate of: the Bearing Witness and Bearing Witness Advanced programs sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League; the Jan Karski Institute for Holocaust Education Summer Institute; Apalachian State University’s Martin & Doris Rosen Summer Symposium, and the Olga Lengyel Institute’s (TOLI) Holocaust education program in NY City. She presented sessions on The Catholic Church and Anti-Semitism at the 2015 NCEA Conference and the Bearing Witness Program in Washington DC. Donna is an alumnus of the TOLI Satellite Leader’s Institute and co-directs a Holocaust summer seminar for educators in Charlotte. She holds a BA in Psychology from UNCC and a Masters in Religious Education from Loyola Unveristy, New Orleans.

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