With Gratitude....

Click here to become a part of our Stan Greenspon Center family whose branches extend throughout the community and reach to future generations.

With incredible generosity and vision, our founding donors made their gifts with faith in what Jewish Life, Jewish Studies and the Stan Greenspon Center for Peace and Social Justice at Queens University of Charlotte could become.

The gifts have been passed forward as thousands of lives have been touched and taught through our work.

Each gift is a seed that enables Hope to take Hold.

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Founding Donors             

Class of 2014

Don and Bobbi Bernstein
Bill and Patty* Gorelick
Harvey and Adrienne Gossett
Larry and Dale Polsky
Marc and Mattye Silverman
Eric and Lori Sklut

Class of 2016

Blumenthal Foundation
David Cohen
Clay and Deidre Grubb 


*of blessed memory


Annual Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Dr. Sandy and Lois Benjamin
Susan Cernyak-Spatz
Todd and Stacy Gorelick
Joy Greene
Keith Greenspon
Roslyn Greenspon and Martin Birnbaum
Judy Seldin-Cohen
Eric and Lori Sklut

Friend Sponsors

Olivia and Steven Cohen
Joan Kirschner
Ross Levin
Kathie Minnon
Mike and Anne Sinsheimer
William G. Stokes
David Swimmer
Emily Zimmern

Silver Sponsors

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chambers
Mark Cohen
Clay and Deidre Grubb
Christine Hotham
Dale and Larry Polsky
Harry and Gloria Lerner
Barbara and Jerry Levin
Mr. and Mrs. David Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Raphael
Robert Stein
Action Plus Ideas
Providence Day School

Circle of Supporters

Mark Abrams
Jill Balick
George Bohmfalk
Cheryl Demaio
Stacy and Robert Doline
Glenn Fishkin
Samantha Foodman
Russle Greenfield
Dee Gyorody
Penny Krieger
Sara Kulbersch
Lisa Strause Levinson
Susie Meier
Elyse Nevid
Paul Orland
Karen Sossin
SHeila Spitz
Allison White
Patti Zakow

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