Certificate in Holocaust Pedagogy

Greenspon Fellows

In 2023, the Greenspon Center launched the Greenspon Fellows Program. Through this leadership initiative, students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to combat antisemitism and other acts of hate. Our students serve as campus leaders, engaging the Queens and broader community in education, action, advocacy and bridgebuilding programs across lines of difference.  

“Nurturing relationships of depth are the most effective tool for collectively preventing, addressing, and responding to acts of hate. Our fellows have both the relational skills and practical knowledge to nurture a campus of inclusion.”             - Rabbi Judy Schindler 


Sophie Lange, Queens '24 

Sophie Lange, class of '24, is majoring in International Studies with a minor in Peace & Conflict Resolution. She's also a member of the Queens Swim Team! After college, and possibly a master’s program, she hopes to work for the US State Department as a foreign service officer.

Chava Rosenberg, Queens '25

Chava Rosenberg, class of '25, is a Political Science Major at Queens. She grew up in Atlanta Georgia and has always been active in the Jewish community. She is Hillel President at Queens and honored to be a Greenspon fellow.

Fall 2023 Combatting Antisemitism Student Conference...

Our Greenspon Fellows are planning a combatting antisemitism and hate conference for regional college students for November 2023. Stay tuned! 


Images sourced from unsplash.com by Hannah Busing