Certificate in Holocaust Pedagogy

Jewish Studies at Queens

“Judaism represents the roots of the collective tree from which the branches of countless faith communities have emerged throughout the millennia. Learning about others helps us to learn more about ourselves.”  – Rabbi Judy Schindler

Community Offerings

  • Community Lectures 
    • We offer sessions on antisemitism, the Holocaust and Judaism at houses of worship, local organizations and businesses.
  • Fall and Spring Jewish Studies Signature Courses 
    • Fall course -"Histories in Conversation: Nazi Germany and Jim Crow America"
    • Spring course - "The Dynamics of Interfaith Dialogue" 
  • Student to Student Program
    • We prepare Jewish high school students to present to middle and high schools sharing their personal narratives and discussing a range of topics.
  • Generation to Generation Program
    • Our Queens University Hillel students present to assisted living and senior programs on antisemitism and on their faith journeys.
  • Jacobs-Jaffa Jewish Heritage Tours - Participants will enjoy a unique, engaging, entertaining and educational hike through Charlotte's Jewish history.

For more information on these programs, contact Rabbi Judy Schindler, Schindlerj@queens.edu.

Traditional Undergraduate Courses

Queens University offers a minor in Jewish studies which is housed in the Philosophy and Religion Department. With courses across disciplines and connected to our general education program, Jewish Studies at Queens examines Jewish identity, culture, and beliefs in a broad range of courses covering history, political science, international affairs, religion and theology, ethics, philosophy, sociology, pop culture and more. Rabbi Judy Schindler serves as Sklut Professor of Jewish Studies.

Jewish Life at Queens

The Stan Greenspon Center works in close partnership with Jewish Life and Spiritual Life at Queens.
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