Social Justice & Community Organizing

Multicultural Connections

Both on the Queens campus and throughout the community, the Stan Greenspon Center supports the multicultural fabric of our region by building bridges across lines of difference. Our signature leadership programs are known for being organic and impactful. 

Supporting multicultural connections on the Queens Campus... 

The Stan Greenspon Center’s physical location in the center of Queens’ Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement (DICE) Suite reflects its core values. Many of the Queens multicultural organizations reside in our suite. In socializing and in working together, we build transformative relationships. We hear each other’s stories, respond to each other’s pain, celebrate each other's culture, and work to create a more inclusive campus environment and Charlotte community.  

Charlotte Racial Justice Fellows

Greenspon Fellows

Supporting multicultural connections in the community... 

Charlotte Black/Jewish Alliance 

The Holocaust Memorial Project  

Jewish Life at Queens  





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