Certificate in Holocaust Pedagogy

Charlotte Black/Jewish Alliance

The Charlotte Black/Jewish Alliance is a coalition of Black and Jewish leaders ages 25 to 40, dedicated to cultivating understanding and authentic relationships through honest conversations, deep reflection, and community engagement. We seek to unify Black and Jewish individuals to combat hate and promote social justice. 

The 18-month program includes: 

Meaningful Conversations – Build friendships with other young professionals while discussing significant topics. 

Inspiring Journeys – Travel to historic sites and world-class museums to deepen understanding. We open the program with a daylong Charlotte pilgrimage (as we do not have to travel far to learn about our country’s Black and Jewish history). In the spring, we go on a four-day Deep South Pilgrimage, visiting important sites in Atlanta, Birmingham, Montgomery, and Selma. 

Engaging Programs – Connect at monthly meetings designed to help participants question, learn, and grow. 

Long-lasting Connections – Support the ongoing friendships and intersectional work of advancing justice with our alumni network.

Upcoming Community Programs

Join us for the Black/Jewish Alliance Shabbat at Temple Beth El in Charlotte on Friday, August 25, 2023 at 6:00 pm.  For more information, click here.

Application to Join Cohort Three

If you are interested in becoming part of Cohort 3, the application is open. The application deadline is September 30, 2023. To access the application, click here.

Alumni Network

Our alumni of the Charlotte Black/Jewish Alliance continue to create vibrant programs. 

Cohort One (2021-2022) 

Participants: Jordan Bernstein (Co-Chair), Charlene Mack (Co-Chair), Trey Crumlin, Noah Goldman, Noah Granade, Tyran Green, Terrell Hamlet, Zoe Kronovet, Alex Loyal, Advisors: Dr. Melvin Herring, Dr. Cindy Kistenberg, Rabbi Judy Schindler 

Cohort Two (2022-2023)  

Participants: Eric Brickman, Rachael Coe, Charlie Cox, Rabbi Alexis Erdheim, Aishaah Reed Foster, Mohammed Jibriel, Jasmyn Mack, Alvan Makoundi-Tchibinda, Allison Winston, Tylan Witherspoon, Co-Chairs: Noah Granade, Tyran Green, Terrell Hamlet, Zoe Kronovet, Advisors: Dr. Melvin Herring, Dr. Cindy Kistenberg, Rabbi Judy Schindler 

Cohort Three (2023-2024)

Participants: T’helah Ben-Dan, Khamik Cardwell, Rachel Glazer, Marissa Hairston, Andy Harkavy, Megan Harkavy, Remington Jackson, Micah Lewis, Precious McLaughlin, Rachael Coe, Aishaah Reed Foster, Noah Goldman, Mohammed Jibriel, Immediate Past Co-Chairs: Tyran Green, Terrell Hamlet, Faculty: Dr. Melvin Herring, Dr. Cindy Kistenberg, Rabbi Judy Schindler. 

Applications for Cohort Four will be available in September 2024.  The next cohort will kickoff in early November.

Click here to watch the entire documentary by Dr. Kip Mobley "New Pilgrims on an Old Path: The Charlotte Black/Jewish Alliance Deep South Pilgrimage 2022" 

Our Charlotte Black/Jewish Alliance program cannot happen without community engagement and support! Please consider supporting this important program. Click here to donate. To learn more about our program or sponsorship opportunities, contact Rabbi Judy Schindler, schindlerj@queens.edu. 

This program is sponsored by the Stan Greenspon Center at Queens University and Johnson C. Smith University. This program was created through a grant by the Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte and through support from Temple Beth El. 

Images sourced from unsplash.com by Hannah Busing