Certificate in Holocaust Pedagogy

The Charlotte Holocaust Memorial Project

The Greenspon Center is the convener for the Charlotte Holocaust Memorial Project.  

The vision for the memorial is to honor our local Holocaust survivors and share the legacy of this history with the Charlotte community. A community-wide committee will incorporate the latest international research on memorialization while creating a memorial that reflects the diversity of our Charlotte community.   

We aim to build a new Charlotte Holocaust Memorial in proximity to Charlotte’s Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial Statue and the Gandhi Statue.  The juxtaposition of the three memorials will serve as a powerful and thought-provoking tool to educate the community on the ramifications of complacency in the face of hate. We envision developing educational materials related to each memorial that highlight the Charlotte community’s diversity and richness of our multicultural history.   


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To learn more, contact Holocaust Memorial Project co-chairs, Jonathan Howard and John Small or Judy LaPietra, lapietraj@queens.edu. 

Images sourced from unsplash.com by Hannah Busing