Initial Reflections: Local Level Advocacy Possibilities

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On Thursday, November 16th the Racial Justice Advocacy group met to brainstorm areas for advocacy efforts.  After the past eight weeks of education events, the group felt inspired to explore the following topics as advocacy initiatives in coordination with other groups already established and doing this work in our community:

Primary Issues of Focus:

    1.  Policing:  This is a large topic however group members discussed challenging the use of force paradigm, creating a support network for victims and families of police violence, exploring community policing practices through training and education.
    2. Affordable housing, diversifying housing stock, and eviction concerns.

Additional Issues of Interest to Address:

  1. Addressing the school to prison pipeline.
  2. Participating in a local “Ban the Box” campaign.
  3. Addressing unfair practices concering court fees and bail bonds fees.
  4. Supporting a living wage campaign.
  5. education opportunities, job training for those re-entering society from prison


  1. I am on the Greenspon affordable housing committee; however, I would like to be informed about the efforts of the Racial Justice Advocacy group.

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