NC Congress Addresses Holocaust Education

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House Bill 437, Education on the Holocaust and Genocide, is well on its way to becoming law in the state of North Carolina. That is something we can all celebrate. But, as always – we need your help to make it happen!

Co-sponsored by the North Carolina Council on the Holocaust and the North Carolina Center fo Advancement of Teaching, the Bill, which would require mandatory Holocaust and genocide education in all NC public schools, was heard in the House Education K-12 Committee on April 2, 2019.  The Committee changed its agenda to deal first with this legislation and heard comments from Michael Abramson, Rabbi Fred Guttman and Richard Schwartz.

Representative Susan Fisher of Asheville made the motion to approve the Bill, which passed unanimously, without any changes. The Bill has strong bipartisan suppport.

We will let you know when the Bill is scheduled for presentation to the full House and will ask anyone who is able to please come help support the Bill.

Several members of this House Education K-12 committee noted that they have been receiving phone calls, emails, and letters of support for HB 437.  Please know that all of that makes a difference.

We will let you know as soon as the Bill is calendared for consideration on the House floor.  At that time, it will be very important for you to contact legislators from around the state and urge them to vote and to speak in support of this legislation.  To that end, please begin sending letters and emails and making phone calls to your legislators.

Click Here to see the bill in its current form:

Click Here to read the bill summary.

Click Here to see a list of all the members of the House.  This link can be sorted by name or district.  If you click on any name, it will give you their contact information.


  1. Please be advised that the bill is being co-sponsored by the North Carolina Council on the Holocaust and the North Carolina Center fo Advancement of Teaching. Please identify in your future communication that Abramson is the Chair of the NC Council on the Holocaust and Richard is the Vice Chair.

    1. Thank you! I updated the post and will make sure to mention the co-sponsors in all further communication.

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