Join the Health Care Justice Team for a Text Bank Party

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Join the Greenspon Center for Peace and Social Justice, Health Care Justice NC, and National Nurses United to help move Congress to adopt Medicare for All. The need for health care is non-partisan – our support for Medicare for All is non-partisan. Join us in action to help get more support for health care justice through educating voters on improved medicare for all.


Join us at a Text Bank Party:
Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Queens University, Levine Building: Room 120 A/B


What is a Text Bank Party? It is a non-partisan event to get more people ready and motivated to vote in upcoming elections. Volunteers meet up to be trained and send text messages on a special website to voters about Medicare for All. What we do is peer to peer texting. That means a real person (you!) clicks a button rapidly to send out pre-written initial text individually, and then you have a real conversation with anyone who replies.

We’ll use text messages to identify supporters of Medicare for All. Later we will reconnect with these supporters to engage them in the campaign. We’ll encourage and enable voters to reach out to Congress members about the need to support HR 1384- Medicare for All Bill. Volunteers can answer questions better than any robotic reply system- and that’s how organizing happens, one conversation at a time. It’s a very engaging and enjoyable way to make a difference.

Bring your laptop or iPad. Music and snacks will be provided.

RSVP and Questions: Susan Rucker, 704-577-3597

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