Help Queens University evaluate whether to offer a low-residency Master of Arts in Social Justice and Community Organizing. Please take this 5 minute survey.

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Trends reveal that Generation Z, like millennials before them, value diversity and express the need for collaborative engagement and collective action on social issues such as climate change, racial justice, and gender equality. Further, U.S. residents of every age are seeking to contribute effectively and positively to the societies in which they live and work.  In light of this evidence, we believe that there is significant need for a Master of Arts program that will provide training in social justice leadership and advance knowledge and skills in community organizing on city, state and national levels.

The faculty at Queens University of Charlotte has the breadth and depth of knowledge and skills to create a dynamic Master of Arts in Social Justice and Community Organizing.  Given the vision for a low residency program (in which the cohort convenes at Queens University or at a location of historical significance, like Montgomery, AL), we can additionally engage talented leaders in community organizing from across the country to provide workshops, mentoring and professional guidance for the students in our program.

Our goal with this survey is to gather feedback so that we can assess the need for such a program, while gaining insight into the specific programmatic elements that will best prepare our students to be empowered, effective, and informed agents of change. For questions, please contact Judy Schindler,

Please help us evaluate whether creating such a program would be beneficial by taking one of the two following surveys:

If you would be interested in taking graduate level courses on subjects connected to social justice and community organizing, please click here to fill out the survey for potential students.

If you are a potential employer of someone with a Masters Degree in Social Justice and Community Organizing, please click here to fill out the survey for employers.

Please share this post on social media or with colleagues and friends that you think would be interested in sharing input on this program. The survey will be open until Friday, Sunday, January 5th.

If you have questions or further input to share, please contact Judy Schindler at

Thank you!


  1. At 88 years old I’m not likely to be around to hire anybody, but I believe such a degree program will find some enthusiastic response among Presbyterian Clergy who want to see the Church get outside the sanctuary walls. I would love to have had that opportunity!
    John H. LaMotte, PCUSA retired minister

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