Peaceful Pause

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During this challenging time, many of us may be experiencing anxiety and feelings of hopelessness. You may find it challenging to balance being informed with emotional health. You are not alone….

The Greenspon Center will be offering a Peaceful Pause once a week to share messages and teachings of optimism and hope. Some sessions will feature guest visitors who will offer wisdom and share practices. Other sessions will entail Greenspon faculty presenting lessons from authors’ and thought leaders’ writings on maintaining a positive outlook in times of tumult.

Please join us live on Sundays from 5 to 5:30 pm. If you are not able to join us, visit our website for a recording of the session. To register, please email Talli

Here are our upcoming sessions:
May 17 at 5:00 pm: Peaceful Pause on Theopoetics with Reverend de’angelo Dia
Reverend de’Angelo Dia is a poet, theologian, and doctoral student at Union Presbyterian Seminary. Reverend Dia investigates public opinion and contemporary beliefs on cultural, social-political, and theological issues through poetry, visual art, and performance.  Rabbi Schindler will interview Reverend Dia about theopoetics. What is it? How do other art forms expand our dialogue and engagement with God?

May 24, Peaceful Pause on Transcendental Meditation with Jared Sossin
Talia will interview Jared Sossin on Transcendental Meditation technique and finding the light in this time of darkness. His experience with TM was so transformational, that his journey continued on that path, eventually becoming a sought after professional. Jared spent the next 3 years teaching over 500 New Yorkers. His students’ range from actors and actresses, leading business professionals to college students. Jared continues to teach high profile clients, government officials and business professionals through DLF’s Center for Health and Wellness. At this time, Jared will also be teaching for David Lynch Foundation’s new initiative, Heal the Healers, bringing TM to healthcare professionals on the frontlines of the covid-19 crisis.

May 31, Peaceful Pause on finding faith during the challenging times with Chaplain Joey Haynes
Talli will discuss finding hope with Queens University of Charlotte’s Chaplain Joey Haynes. Chaplin Joey Haynes founded the Interfaith Leadership Council at Queens and uses it to help students of all religions and races connect with one another and find companionship through spirituality. Join us for a discussion on finding faith during challenging times.

Please enjoy our past Peaceful Pauses.

Passover and Easter Peaceful Pause was a reflection by Rabbi Schindler entitled “Passover, Easter, the Sun, the Moon and Shared Light.” (Viewed over 1K times.)

Donna discussed Viktor Frankl thoughts for today by bringing four quotes from Man’s Search for Meaning into dialogue to suggest ways for making new meaning during these challenging times.

Talli led a session on coping and resilience during the Holocaust and lessons for today in an interview with veteran Holocaust educator, Jackie Fishman.  Jackie shared insights from the wisdom of her mother, Dr. Susan Cernyak-Spatz, of blessed memory, as she explored finding light in dark times.

Donna led a session on the different ways intentional breathing can benefit our minds, bodies, and spirits.


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