Tuesday Teach-In – A Black Business Spotlight, August 11th at noon

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Join Restorative Justice CLT for it’s 5th Teach-In on Tuesday, August 11 on being a Black Business and the challenges that come with that.

Our upcoming Tuesday Teach-In highlighting Black-Owned Businesses will include 3 NATIVE Black Charlotteans speaking:

  • Mr. Frank White is the owner of BW Sweets Bakery at 3126 Milton Road E
  • Mr. Javon Williams is a franchise owner of Mr. Jims Pizza at 1603 West Blvd.
  • Mr. Kemuel Murray is the owner of Morrison Cleaners and Alterations at 721 Gov. Morrison St., Ste 140

All three graduated from Garinger High School; Mr. White ’94, Mr. Murray ’95 and Mr. Williams ’96

The small act of supporting Black businesses can make a dramatic difference. Here’s how:
  1. It closes the Racial Wealth Gapthe median wealth for white families is roughly TWELVE times higher than the median wealth for black families this prevents black families from having savings, owning property, generational wealth, building credit, to name a few.
  2. Strengthens Local Economies roughly $68 out of $100 spent at local business stays in the local economy That same $100 spent at large business ONLY $48 stays in the local economy. Supporting Black Owned Business doesn’t only help the owner(s) and their families but the families of their employees. Those children grow up seeing the importance of building their community but are more likely to start their own local business.
  3. Fosters Job Creation Black Owned small business are more likely to hire from the local community, supporting them helps more people in the community reach financial stability.
  4. Celebrate Black Culture and Community see people that look like you own business encourages pride and uplifts communities. This brings up to the next point:
  5. Other Companies are held accountable by now we are all probably aware of Gucci’s sweater design resembling blackface or Prada’s products depicting blackface when we shop Black Owned Business over “problematic” companies you are voting to divest from that kind of practice and holding them accountable for their actions, while empowering and lifting Black Owned Business’.

When we vote with our dollar, we vote for an inclusive economy and community. This article by DeAnna Taylor from The Charlotte Observer delves further in why it’s important to support Black Owned Business’

BW Sweets Bakery owned by Mr. Frank White

Mr. Jim’s PIzza owned by Mr. Javon Williams

Morrison Cleaners & Alterations owned by Mr. Kemuel Murray

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