Peaceful Pause with Beth Schafer – Music as a Means of Creating Light in Dark Times

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Beth Schafer, is an inspired and acclaimed Jewish composer and musician. Rabbi Schindler and Beth became friends while hanging out as faculty at Camp Coleman, a Reform Jewish Camp in rural Georgia.  When Rabbi Schindler recently came across the origin story of a song that was composed by a Jew on a cattle car travelling from the Warsaw Ghetto to Treblinka, she was deeply moved. It was a song she’d learned as a child at Jewish summer camp herself and sang throughout her life but never knew the  dark story behind its birth.

In this Peaceful Pause, Beth Schafer and Rabbi Judy reflected on this niggun that so many of us know and explored the power of music that is composed, shared, and brings light to the darkest of times. Beth reflected not only on this setting of Ani Maamin that was saved by someone who jumped off that rolling 1942 transport and carried the tune to America, she reflected on and shared some pieces she has written in these recent times of challenge.

Click here to enjoy Beth’s music during a June Peaceful Pause.

Enjoy some pieces she has recently composed: I Can’t Breathe and History will Ask.

[Image by Taya Iv.]

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