Peaceful Pause with Cardiologist and Mindfulness Maven Dr. Jonathan Fisher

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From healing physical hearts to healing hearts spiritually and emotionally through mindfulness, Dr. Jonathan Fisher has lessons to teach all of us for calmly and healthfully making our way through these tumultuous times.

We are in the midst of an overwhelming time in global history. So many people are struggling with healing.  It is a fearful time when anxiety is natural and could be viewed as normative.  We asked Dr. Fisher to share with us insights based on his expertise on healing hearts so that we can heal ourselves and be there to help others heal.

Here are some of his responses:

“Here’s the good news. We don’t have to use one technique to help our physical heart, the one that’s beating in the chest and another technique to help our emotional heart, the one that’s anxious and scared and panicked. There is no separation. It’s artificial. What happens in the mind, literally happens in the physical heart.”

“There is a way to center and ground ourselves in the midst of any storm… We have to find stillness. We need to curate our environment. Turn off the news. I give my patients a prescription and say, ‘You may not watch more than ten minutes of news twice a day. You can make it thirty if you’re desperate.'”

“A diet is a diet. The same way I give my heart patients restrictions on how much grease and fat and fast foods they eat, it’s no different than a diet with our media.”

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