Two weeks in Washington & our country’s soul

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From darkness to light; from violence to the peaceful transfer of power; from insurgency to democracy; from hate to hope; from white supremacy to equality; and from Confederate flags to American flags.

From sexism, racism, and antisemitism to Vice President Harris and her husband First Gentleman Emhoff; from besieged sacred space and disrupted holy work to the rededication of our nation’s hallowed halls — a recommitment to transforming the aspirational words “We the people…” into the real protection of the rights of and elevation of all people.

The 1850’s Civil War — chains of slavery shattered.

The 1960’s Civil Rights movement — segregation began to legally be broken.

The 2020’s racial reckoning… yet to be named, yet complete, history yet written.

Two weeks ago. Today. Tomorrow.

The struggle for our country’s soul calls and continues. The work and light of democracy is ours to daily kindle, labor for, and lift up.

[Image by Darren Halstead]


  1. thank you. Thank god for Joe Biden and his team. There is a lot of work to be done. This country is in shambles and so many of us are exhausted, scared and frustrated. We must work together and help each other.

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