#How2FaceHate – Our New Initiative

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The Stan Greenspon Center for Peace and Social Justice is excited to announce our newest project, #How2FaceHate (#H2FH). On the website www.how2facehate.org, young people who have experienced acts of hate share their stories through short videos. They explain how they responded and remind other young people that they are not alone. The #H2FH site will grow to include resources that help people respond to different forms of  hate.

Our summer interns, Rhett Edens and Hannah Eccleston, are partners in the development of this project. The advisory board is made up of a diverse group of young people who are passionate about this work. 

As a center, our goal to both educate and learn from our community and we hope that #How2FaceHate becomes a place where young people feel comfortable to learn and connect. If you or someone you know is interested in #How2FaceHate, we can be found at www.how2facehate.org where there is a contact page to begin the process of sharing your story. We can also be reached at how2facehate@gmail.com

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