Queens Hillel: College Sins from A-Z (according to Coordinator of Jewish Life, Noah Goldman)

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Queens Hillel got off to an exceptional start this academic year. Dozens of students attended our High Holidays services and Sukkot build and celebration. As we confessed our traditional sins, here’s the creative list of college sins spanning the alphabet that Noah Goldman, our Coordinator of Jewish Life created.

Avoiding e-mails.

Breaking things


Ditching Class

Eating our Roommate’s leftovers



Holding up the caf line

Inconveniencing faculty and staff

Joking in class

Knowing how to get out of trouble

Last Second Essays

Masking Below Nose

Napping During Lectures

Offending Others

Pajamas in Class

Quiet When Professors want us to talk

Residential Violations

Sleep Deprivation

Texting in Class

Uttering bad words

(not) Voting

Waking up late for school

Xeroxing More Paper than necessary

YouTubing while in Class

Zeal that is Misdirected


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