Spiral of Transformative Change: A Liberatory Approach to Racial Equity, March 28th at 7:00 pm

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If you have spent the past year reading everything you can on racial justice and racial equity, then this is the workshop for you. The Greenspon Center is excited to be offering a foundational workshop designed to invite people to deepen their understanding of racial equity, entitled “The Spiral of Transformative Change: A Liberatory Approach to Racial Equity.” Over the course of the session, we will explore the importance of applying a trauma lens to our collective efforts and consider a set of principles and ethics that can guide our work together. Participants will also be introduced to language and frameworks that are grounded in an analysis of anti-blackness and indigenous erasure while also deeply rooted in an intersectional perspective and multi-front strategy. Participants will leave with tools and frameworks that will continue to deepen their discernment and analysis as they develop their own path towards advancing racial equity within their own spheres of influence.

Spiral of Transformative Change: A Liberatory Approach to Racial Equity

A free community social justice training

Presenters: Ambrose Consulting + Tepeyac Consulting
Date: Monday, March 28th, 2022
Time: 7-9 pm
Location: Zoom

Tamiko Ambrose Murray is the founder and principal of Ambrose Consulting. She offers guidance to grassroots groups, nonprofits, and foundations who seek transformative change through their work toward social justice. A writer, community researcher, cultural strategist and racial equity practitioner with over a decade of experience, Tamiko’s work has included nonprofit leadership, academia, community organizing, participatory research, and cultural work. Her toolkit reflects a wealth of experience that ranges from equity-informed facilitation and training to cultural organizing within frontline communities. She believes a healthy work culture is essential to sustaining equity efforts and that transformation is possible when the most impacted communities are centered in the work toward change.

Marisol Jiménez is the founder and lead consultant for Tepeyac who brings over twenty years of community engagement, training/facilitation, and policy advocacy experience to her practice. Her work with communities is designed to catalyze strategic equity efforts in collaboration with grassroots leaders, nonprofit organizations, and foundations. She believes in the power of connecting communities that are most often marginalized from decision-making tables with opportunities to amplify their voices and meaningfully lead social justice efforts. For the past 10 years, Marisol has worked in multiple capacities to advance equity through facilitation and training, participatory research, transformational community engagement, and frontline activism. It is her strong belief that this work is most impactful when it is intersectional, proactive, collaborative, and radically hopeful.

For more information, contact Judy Schindler, schindlerj@queens.edu.

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  1. I am a regular participant on a discussion group organized by the Greenspon Center (leader Donna Tarney). However, I am located in Oklahoma and would not be able to attend an in-person training session in NC (and with the infection rate from SARS-CoV-2 variants what it is, I would not be able to attend in person even if I lived in NC). Is there any possibility of this training being made available on Zoom? I am endeavoring to bring about needed change to increase racial equity and justice in my nonprofit organization.

    1. Did you receive a positive response to your question?

  2. Second comment: 28 March 2022 is not a Tuesday. It is a Monday. Which day is this event going to occur?

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