World Refugee Day, June 20th: Reflections by Queen’s University Faculty

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At a time when over 63 million people are forcibly displaced from their homes around the globe, a population equal to about 1/5 of the U.S. population, we are reminded of the world’s commitment, enshrined in international law, to protect and care for refugees around the world. This is a commitment that the United States has traditionally taken very seriously. For decades the U.S. led the world as the top refugee resettlement country; we continue to do so today. On World Refugee Day, let us recommit to working internationally to promote the support and protection of refugees, and here at home to be the welcoming community we have always been.   ~  Dr. Maggie Commins

“66 Years Ago Today…” by Rabbi Judy Schindler

[World Refugee Day marks the anniversary of United Nations General Assembly’s 1951 Refugee Convention outlining the rights of those displaced.]



… forced to flee their homes due to persecution.


….promised that they should not be returned to a country where they faced serious threats to their life or freedom.


… granted rights by the UN Refugee Convention — among them the right to work, to housing, to education, to freedom of religion, and access to courts of justice.


… once welcomed in acknowledgement of their humanity and a reflection of our own. The focus of the world’s compassion and global responsibility sought to address their suffering.


… started businesses, enriched communities, and became citizens.  They continue to strengthen the social fabric of the communities where they live by giving back so much more than what was given to them.

On this global refugee day:

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