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For teachers, summer is a time to take a deep breath and relax. We schedule trips to the pool, the beach, the mountains, or wherever our spirits find refreshment. Spur of the moment adventures include excited children – or not! Stacks of summer reads lie scattered around the house. Some will be finished, others will not. Such is the way of summer break – scheduled but flexible.

Thankfully, Holocaust and human rights education fits right into all of this thanks to online learning. From one-time webinars to entire online courses, the variety and availability is amazing. To help you save time and plan well, here is a list of upcoming opportunities from the most well respected organizations we know:

From Echoes and Reflections:

June 18: Creating Context for Teaching Night

June 26: Addressing Holocaust Demial and Distortion

July 10: American Nazis: A Night at the Garden– Film and director Q&A

July 11: Examining Prewar Jewish Life in Poland

July 22: The Price of Forgetting

July 25: Teaching with the Pyramid of Hate

Junly 31: Examining Stages of Genocide: Polarization and Preparation

August 8: Spotlight on Contemporary Antisemitism after Charlottsville

August 12: The German-Jewish Response to the Rise of the Nazis

August 21: Teaching with Testimony: Focus on Contemporary Antisemitism

August 22: The Kindertransport: Rescue at a Cost

From Facing History and Ourselves:

June 13: Celebrating Pride: A Conversation with Nancy Kates on Brother Outsider

June 26: Teaching PSHE to Enable Critical Engagement in the Classroom (Part 1)

July 3: Teaching PSHE to Enable Critical Engagement in the Classroom (Part 2)

Online Courses:
From Echoes and Reflections:

From July 8th – August 2nd and again From August 5th – August 30th: Teaching the Holocaust, Empowering Students -3 part program

From Facing History and Ourselves:

Ongoing Self-Paced Workshops: Getting Started with Holocaust and Human Behavior and Teaching Red Scarf Girl

Yad Vashem: 

Antisemitism: From Its Origins to the Present (Free)

The Holocaust – an Introduction (Free – in collaboration with Tel Aviv University)

Registration Fee Required for These Courses:

Holocaust Education for Elementary and Middle School     Prewar Jewish Life     Germany 1918-1943   Life in the Ghettos

Auschwitz: History of a Death Camp   The “Final Solution of the Jewish Problem”    Commemoration and Remembrance

Recordings of Past Webinars:

Echoes and Reflections      IWitness     Teaching History and Ourselves

Have a great summer and never stop learning!!


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