Talli Dippold, Greenspon Associate Director, elected to Board of international Holocaust organization

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We are excited to share our latest news!

Talli Dippold, our Associate Director of the Stan Greenspon Center, was just elected to the board of directors of the Association of Holocaust Organizations (AHO) – an International Network for the Advancement of Holocaust Education, Remembrance, & Research.

Hundreds of Holocaust organizations from thirty six states across our country and from twenty seven countries across the globe belong to this organization (of which the Stan Greenspon Center is proud to be a part).  The AHO brings together renowned scholars, exceptional educational programs, and a network of stellar organizations committed to ensuring that best practices in Holocaust and human rights education are shared and implemented so that the lessons from our past can be learned and lived today.

We are confident that Talli will enrich AHO with her wisdom, vision and passion for Holocaust education and that her connection to this organization will lift up our Stan Greenspon Center and Charlotte community.


  1. Talli, my colleague on Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Teachers Program 2013, presents as an ultimate Holocaust educator, not only thru instructing, but also thru her presence & inspiration to her student audience. My students were inspired by her butterflies which quickly became the theme of our European study. Talli—Shalom and thanks for the Blessings your life and work have instilled. ab

  2. Great choice. It is obvious to all who know Talli that she is committed and an advocate for Holocaust education and is very concerned about those survivors and the rights of those who can become victimized. Wonderful news!

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