Holocaust Education For All!

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One of the foundational goals of the Stan Greenspon Center is to educate and inform all people about the complex history of the Holocaust and how that history continues to affect our world today. We work diligently to provide teacher education, school programs, and community events to engage all ages in this topic.

On September 16th, our ADL Regional Education Director will present a session of Echoes and Reflections to area teachers. We will look deeply at how stories and testimony enhance students’ understanding of the Holocaust. The afternoon session brings the Greenspon’s Becoming One Human Family to the educators and starts them on the path to becoming a facilitator for the program.

In November, Shannon Martinez (a former Neo-Nazi) will share her story and help us develop responses to those who espouse antisemitism and hate. In February of 2020, we have two events. Our educators will have the opportunity to learn more about the IWitness Holocaust and human rights testimony platform. Community members will hear Dr. Teresa Stephens share how she has explored the narratives of Holocaust survivors to better understand what it means to be RESILIENT. Dr. Stephens is committed to the radical transformation of the culture of healthcare. She combines her “calling” and commitment to NEVER FORGET with her desire to share the lessons of her dear friends who have graciously shared personal stories of RESILIENCE. They are narratives from which we all can learn.

On March 16th, the Greenspon team will hold a community learning event about antisemitism. This workshop will address the challenge of hatred aimed at Jews today from college campuses to the streets of Paris to Charlottesville to the tragedy of Pittsburgh. We will explore the questions: What is antisemitism? What are its origins? Does antisemitism today differ from its ancient and medieval forms? How can we best combat it?

For more information about any of these programs, contact Donna Tarney  tarneyd@queens.edu.

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