Call on Governor Cooper to Welcome Refugees to NC!

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Call on Governor Cooper to Welcome Refugees to NC!

Join us in calling on Governor Cooper to affirm that he will continue to welcome the resettlement of refugees in our state. As North Carolinians, we are committed to welcoming refugees as they seek the same promise of safety and prosperity that first drew many of our own ancestors to this land, and we are dedicated to supporting them as they resettle in our communities. Read the letter here and sign on .

The governor’s explicit, written statement is required for refugee resettlement to continue in our state. written statement, per Executive Order 13888, the federal refugee resettlement program, under the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Health and Human Services, shall resettle refugees only in areas where both state and local governments consent in writing to the resettlement of refugees in their respective areas. For more information click here.


  1. As a minister in the United Methodist Church, it is the obligation of my position and my faith to speak for those who are being oppressed and cast aside. The Christian faith calls for the love of God and love of neighbor. Therefore, I am lifting my voice to support the welcoming of the stranger, be that stranger a refugee, asylum seeker or any person in need of sanctuary, safety, and community.

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