Setting Our Greenspon Center Social Justice Agenda, March 2, 7:00-8:30 pm

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Join us on the journey to justice as we set our Stan Greenspon Center 2021 Social Justice Agenda.

Don’t just think about the changes that need to happen in our community and country, get in the arena and help make those changes a reality.

You are invited to join one of our seven social justice advocacy teams:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Disability Justice
  • Environmental Justice
  • Healthcare Justice
  • Holocaust Education Advocacy
  • Immigrant Justice
  • Racial Justice/Restorative Justice
We invite you as students, community members, congregants, and community leaders to this work as we set our 2021 social justice agenda to achieve our goals in creating a more just society.
We will open the program by honoring and thanking Reverend Dr. Willie Keaton, Jr. for his two years of serving as Justice Organizer of the Stan Greenspon Center. After prayer and deep reflection, Dr. Keaton has made the decision to focus his work on his church, Mt. Olive Presbyterian Church, and in serving as President and CEO of Restorative Justice CLT. Dr. Keaton will not be far.  We will continue our work of collaborating with and supporting him in bringing about racial justice and restorative justice in Charlotte.


  1. I am interested in advocating for affordable housing in Charlotte’s Eastside. I am concerned with gentrification happening in neighborhoods near the old Eastland Mall, many of our wonderful immigrant and refugee families will be forced to move.

    1. Author

      We would love for you to join our work. Can you attend our March 2nd meeting?

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