Wine & Wisdom: A Low Stakes Way To Get Connected

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By Hannah Eccleston

The summer months are often thought of as a break, especially from education. Students are out of school for the summer, and often religious classes are paused for the break as well. The Summer Wine & Wisdom Midrash is a great tool to learn and get connected in a casual way. 

Wine and Wisdom is led by Rabbi Schindler. Usually held at an in person location, this series has been moved online for the summer. Throughout this series you will get to hear about our obligations to society and what we can do to be better and kinder human beings. Conversation is relaxed and informal, and is a great way to get involved. 

So why stop for Wine & Wisdom? This series is a special way to get involved with people from all communities, and maybe hear about a topic in a way that had never come to mind before. The Stan Greenspon Center is a proponent of education and hopes all of the participants in our events will feel as though they are valued, and that they have learned something new. People from all backgrounds are welcome to attend, and we hope that this creates a meaningful conversation surrounding the topics discussed. This program encourages people to learn and hear from people they may not have connected with in other circumstances. This series is all about learning! 

At the Stan Greenspon Center, we want all of our programs to have meaning, for all of our participants to walk away from programs feeling as though they have learned something, and the program was a good use of their time. The Summer Wine & Wisdom series is meant to be a casual yet meaningful way to stay connected with your education. This is achieved by creating an easygoing environment where conversation flows and everyone has a drink they enjoy in hand. Rabbi Schindler is excited to continue these events and would love to have more people who are ready and willing to learn and converse attend!

Wine & Wisdom continues on July 21st and August 25th from 5-6 pm. Get your wine, iced tea, or favorite drink ready and RSVP to Talia Goldman at to receive the link! 

Hannah Eccleston is a Communications student at East Carolina University and a Stan Greenspon Center 2021 Summer Intern.

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