From the Field: Teachers and Students Share with Us

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For teachers, July is the month that embodies Summer Vacation. June ends with a few days of school followed by a week or so of finishing grades and other odds and ends. August ends with back-to-school activities followed by welcoming students back to class. But July – sweet July – is all play!

At the Greenspon Center, July is the time for our team to take a look back at the wonderful ways we interacted with schools, teachers, and students this past school year and anticipate the new relationships ahead.

This past year was challenging and amazing! Rather than explain in our words, here are some reflections from educators and students who participated in our programs this past year:

“This webinar [Identifying Bias and Prejudice] opened my eyes to the reality that other people experience. The topic was difficult but the presentation was well-planned to make it easier. I learned about my own biases that I didn’t think I had. I appreciate the honesty of the presenter in sharing her own experiences.” – middle school social studies teacher

“Learning about how to develop relationships with my students through use of questions was new to me. Once we practiced the technique, I realized that I could use this with any person in my life. I would like to see more of this kind of PD in the future.” – elementary school PE teacher

“This is the second year Ms. Tarney came to my class to supplement the teaching of the book Night. The information she brings to our students brings details and aspects of the Holocaust that I cannot cover. When Ms. Tarney is finished, she always leaves time for student questions . . . and there are many! I am grateful that the Stan Greenspon Center is there for us every time we call.” – high school ELA teacher

I learned about my own biases that I didn’t think I had.

“I never thought about how the Jewish people stood up for themselves [during the Holocaust]. I always thought they never fought back. I liked the story about how they had guns and did sabotage. Now I think they were brave and not always scared.” – middle school student

“The Holocaust has always been a sad topic for me. I also thought I knew everything about it because we read books about it every year. Learning about how Jewish Partisans hid and fought back surprised me. Learning that the stereotypes that made the Nazis hate them are still around today was also surprising and sad. But, I know that I have to do something and stand up for people or they will continue to get hurt.” – high school student

To everyone impacted by our programs – we thank you for allowing us into your educational experience!

To all of you we have yet to meet – we look forward to working with you to develop informed students energized to work for good in our world.


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