Prayer for 2022 and Our World

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As we wake to the dawn of a New Year we pray for…

Hearts of compassion to recognize the struggles of others.

Minds of wisdom to heal our world – so that we can eradicate the pandemic in the long-term, and in the short-term, learn to live with it and not die from it; so that our teachers can teach and our children can learn; so that we can overcome the tremendous gaps in education the past two years have created and the economic trials that threaten our neighbors’ security and safety.

Strength of will to right environmental wrongs – from individual acts to corporate practices. If we can send civilians to space, then we can create renewable energy and collectively work to counter climate change. Disaster displacement that threatens us all. May we use our resources for good.

And the oneness of humanity – irrespective of the news station they listen to, the political party they belong to, the religious or secular beliefs they hold, their skepticism about science.

We are all in this together and working together is the safest and best, and perhaps only, way for us to move forward.

[Image by Aaron Burden]


  1. Judy I’m with you regarding this prayer, even if we accomplish only a small part of each goal!

  2. Judy,

    I’m 10000% in agreement With if we accomplish only a small fraction….,say 10-20%

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