Holocaust Education: It’s not just for schools anymore!

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When the Greenspon Center opened its doors, our goal was to provide meaningful Holocaust education throughout the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area. We began by creating unique opportunities for educator professional development and quickly moved on to offering in-school programs aimed at middle and high school students.We started small, knowing that every program, presentation, or event needed to not only provide accurate information, but also meet the needs of educators, students, and the larger school community.

Our team partnered with Echoes and Reflections, Facing History and Ourselves, Centropa, and Yahad In-Unum. We worked with authors, academians, and educators whose expertise elevated the presentations created specifically for the Greenspon Center. We hosted film previews and books discussions. The feedback on these initial offerings was beyond our expectations and soon the word spread. We soon had schools and educators calling us to find out how we could partner to bring presenters and programs to their locations.Our impact grew and reached beyond Charlotte-Mecklenburg into Union County, Caldwell County, and even South Carolina schools.This was wonderful. We were achieving our goal and seeing a positive impact on educators and students.

We are proud and pleased to be in a position to engage with the community in this new and expanding capacity.

Then something unexpected happened. We began to get calls from community groups asking for presentations and workshop sessions about antisemitism and other Holocaust related topics. Several synagogue groups, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Library, and retirement communities were among the organizations interested in learning more, and we were happy to oblige. This new growth made us examine our role as educators not only in schools, but in all areas where people want to learn. We revisted and revised our offerings to meet the needs of adult learners from all walks of life. 

We are proud and pleased to be in a position to engage with the community in this new and expanding capacity. If you or someone you know would like to schedule a session or simply reach out and see what we have to offer, contact Donna Tarney and she will provide details!

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