Let’s talk about social issues: incarceration, rehabilitation and reentrance into society, November 17 at 6 pm

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By Connor Whitson

Pi Sigma Alpha (PSA), the Political Science Honor Society, is hosting a lecture on the issues of the reformation of criminal rehabilitation. This lecture will also address the systemic prejudice against individuals with a criminal past who live among us. They are partnering with New Beginning’s. A nonprofit organization that advocates for individuals who have reorganized themselves and who are trying to lead honest lives for themselves against the backdrop of their involvement with the criminal justice system.

Our campus community has been asked to submit questions to the guest speakers in regards to their experience in re-entering society. They have, however, asked the audience to refrain from inquiring upon the circumstances of their incarceration and involvement with the criminal justice system. Questions can be submitted to the panel through this link.

This lecture is something that is very close to our hearts. Patriots as we are, it is clear for nearly all to see that the process of criminal justice in our country is far from perfect, and in many cases even cruel and inhumane.

The lecture is scheduled to be heldĀ on the 17th of November, at 6pm, in Ketner Auditorium.


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