Holocaust Education: Something Old, Something New

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Every good educator knows that the key to success in the classroom is revisiting and revising lesson plans. Each year brings new challenges and opportunities to tweak what has worked in the past to make it work even better this time around. At the same time good teachers are always on the lookout for new information that will inform and enhance what already works.

Echoes and Reflections provides outstanding professional development to educators throughout the world. The Stan Greenspon Center is pleased to bring them to Charlotte for a full day program that covers both of these needs. The first half of the day participants will rediscover some of the basics of Holocaust education using the Echoes and Reflections curricular materials. We will encounter the material as students, reminding ourselves of what this looks like from the other side of the desk.

The afternoon session touches on an issue of pressing importance in today’s world: Contemporary Antisemitism. We hear on the news that antisemitism is on the rise in nearly every country. What does that look like? Who is behind it? How do we bring this to our students in meaningful ways that will make them think and care? The newest curricular resources from Echoes and Reflections helps us to answer all of those questions and more.¬†Participants will learn about the persistence of antisemitism worldwide. We will analyze the different types of contemporary antisemitism that are present in society today. These include classical to newer forms of antisemitism as well as new forms based on old ideas. In addition, we will be meet individuals who refuse to be bystanders to antisemitism. These upstanders consider it the responsibility of all members of society to respond to and prevent antisemitism and all forms of bigotry.


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